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Parent Workshop Exploring Parental Separation, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 17th May 2022 @ 4:33pm

Visyon’s Family and Community Wellbeing Team are offering a 90-minute Parent Workshop which will explore Parental Separation. This workshop will look at how your children may be feeling and ways to support them. We will look at ways to take care of your own wellbeing and how to work together to support the whole family. Please see the attached poster for details.

Merger of Brine Multi Academy Trust and Alsager Multi Academy Trust – Update, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 5:07pm

As you are aware we recently consulted with all stakeholders on merging Alsager Multi Academy Trust (consisting of Alsager School, Alsager Highfields Primary School and Weston Primary School) with Brine Multi Academy Trust (consisting of Audlem St James Primary and Brine Leas School). This would create a Trust of five schools and a real chance to provide further opportunities for the benefit of our young people and staff. In addition, it will allow us to improve our schools even further through sharing expertise, resources, and staff.

Our application has been submitted and the Department for Education have asked us to share the attached letter and consultation opportunity with all parents / carers at the five schools involved. Details of how you can feedback, should you wish to, are included in the attached letter.

Please remember this is a merger of equals and if it is approved, we plan to call the new Trust of five schools ‘The Cornovii Trust’. ‘Cornovii’ was the name given to the inhabitants of Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire in Iron Age and Roman times. Our intention is for this Trust to remain local and serve these three areas.


Kind Regards

Richard Middlebrook

CEO of Alsager Multi Academy Trust

Interim CEO of Brine Multi Academy Trust

Alsager Junior Safeguarding Conference, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 25th Mar 2022 @ 8:33pm

Today, Alsager Highfields hosted the second Alsager Junior Safeguarding Conference with Ruth Gee, from the SCIES Team. It was an opportunity for our eight local schools to join together at Alsager High School and share great ideas. During the day the children had the opportunity to meet Safeguarding Champions from other schools in year 5 and 6. All of the children enjoyed a range of activities with a focus on kindness, anti -bullying and keeping ourselves safe. The afternoon was a drama workshop where the children explored various issues and problem solved together. The behaviour and engagement from all of the children was exemplary! It was such a privilege to be able to host this event and we are already looking forward to next year. The children all wrote 3 things they would introduce in their schools as a result of the conference onto postcards that we collected at the end of the day. We will post these out to the schools in 4 weeks to remind them of their ideas and to see how they have used the ideas they gained from the day. It really was a fantastic day and the children were all amazing!


Playground Friends, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 25th Mar 2022 @ 8:27pm

At Alsager Highfields we are really lucky to have our Playground Friends, children who give up their time to support other children across the school to not feel lonely at playtime and lunchtimes. They do a brilliant job and make such a difference, they notice children who may feel sad or lonely, they play games and show children how to use equipment and they help children to make friends! We will recognise them with a special thank you and an Easter Egg in our Celebration Assembly on Friday next week. We are very proud to have such kind and thoughtful children, who want to make a difference in our school.

World Downs Syndrome Day, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 25th Mar 2022 @ 8:22pm

This week all of the children and staff at Alsager Highfields have celebrated World Downs Syndrome Day on Monday 21st March 2022. We were lucky to have a visit from Yvonne from Cheshire Downs Syndrome, she delivered an assembly and taught everyone to ask 'Do you want to play?' using Makaton. The children have worn odd socks throughout the week and we have been selling the Gingerbread Socks all week and they are nearly all gone! When they are all sold, we will have raised £250 for Cheshire Downs Syndrome to support the wonderful work they do supporting families and schools across Cheshire East. Thank you for sending in your £1s with your children, we really appreciate your support. 

Easter Eggstravaganza, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 21st Mar 2022 @ 10:04pm

All you have to do is use a hard boiled egg to make a model, scene or a theme that has an egg as part of it. We are so EGGstatic about this! You may want to make EGGsplorers in EGGypt linked to History, an EGGtraterrestrial solar system linked to science, a Jurassic park with SteEGGosauruses from the movies, EGGheads and pop stars with EGGsfactor from TV, Humpty Dumpty, the egg being the boulder covering Jesus Tomb or something completely eggceptional from your imagination. We are looking forward to seeing your EGGstremely EGGciting ideas and we are sure they will be EGGsactly what we’re looking for!

To enter the competition, bring your egg design into school during the week beginning 28th March. Judging will take place on Thursday 31st March and eggs will be returned home on Friday 1st April. Good Luck Everyone!

Alsager School and Alsager Highfields Working in Partnership, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 18th Mar 2022 @ 4:43pm

Thanks to Mrs Lindblad and her daughter Olivia, who is studying A level English language at Alsager School, a very exciting and heart-warming piece of research is being conducted. A level language students, who are studying children’s writing progression and development as part of their course, were comparing pieces of work written by children from Alsager Highfields. The 6th formers were analysing the writing skills of children at the start and end of all year groups in primary school, from Reception up to Year 6. It was fascinating and hugely beneficial for the A Level students and their teacher Mrs Martin. It is lovely to think of the children at Highfields helping their much older peers with their studies and a great example of schools in the same Trust working together for the benefit of all.
Many thanks to all involved.

Amazon Smile Fundraising, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 14th Mar 2022 @ 9:36am

We are happy to announce that PFA at Alsager Highfields has joined Amazon Smile and we would love your support. When you shop via Amazon Smile the Alsager Highfields PFA will receive 0.5% – this has the potential to make a welcome addition to our fundraising strategies. Please visit this link https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1110335-0



Monday 21 March is World Down Syndrome Day, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 11th Mar 2022 @ 9:30pm

Monday 21 March is World Down Syndrome Day. The date (21/3) is significant as it signifies the uniqueness of the triplication of the 21st chromosome, which causes Down Syndrome. The symbol of World Down Syndrome Day is a sock, because chromosomes look like socks under a microscope.
On 21 March, we are:
• selling gingerbread socks for £1
• wearing odd socks
We will be selling Gingerbread socks to raise money for Downs Syndrome Cheshire and to help to raise awareness. Please send £1 in with your child from next week for the gingerbread biscuit. We are really looking forward to Steve visiting from the Downs Syndrome Cheshire team to share an assembly on Wednesday 23rd March to talk to us all about the work they do.
If you have any questions please contact Mrs Henshall on senco@alsagerhighfields.cheshire.sch.uk

Transition Guidance from CEIAS, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 10th Mar 2022 @ 3:28pm

The transition to primary or secondary school is a big step for all children. It can be especially challenging for children who have any kind of special needs and/or disabilities. Cheshire East Information, advice, and support have created some useful guides to help. Please download the information below:

Transitioning from Yr6 to Yr7, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 9th Mar 2022 @ 8:59pm

Visyon have asked us to share this with you. It is a series of 3 parenting support sessions addressing transition and would be especially useful for our year 6 children who will be transitioning to year 7 at the ned of this year. Please share it with anyone you feel may benefit. 
If you have any concerns or questions about transition please contact Mrs Henshall at senco@alsagerhighfields.cheshire.sch.uk 

Family T.I.E.S Spring Fair, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 9th Mar 2022 @ 11:12am

Family T.I.E.S are holding a Spring Fair on Sunday 20th March. See poster for details.



Jungle Adventure Club @ Alsager community Church, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 9th Mar 2022 @ 11:05am

Alsager Community Church are running a free Jungle Adventure Club for primary aged children. Please see poster below for details.


Cheshire East Information Advice & Support, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 8th Mar 2022 @ 7:36pm

CEIAS (Cheshire East Information Advice & Support) are offering new enquiry consultations – a chance for parents, carers and young people to contact the CEIAS service and arrange a specific time to have a 1:1 appointment with one of the team. Please see details in the attached flyer.


Mental Health Week Poster Competition, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 28th Feb 2022 @ 5:06pm

As part of our mental health week activities before half term we ran a competition in school to create a poster to highlight the importance of looking after your mental health just as you would with your physical health. Charlotte won first prize, £10 and a bag of mini eggs, for her bright, clear poster with her messages 'Stay positive' 'Be kind' and 'Talk to someone you trust'. Our four runners up, Sienna, Isla, Molly and Lily each won a chocolate easter egg for their wonderful posters too. We had many entries which highlighted the positive impact that our whole school approach to mental health week had had with assemblies throughout the week, daily reflections and affirmations and thought-provoking questions leading to discussions in class and on the playground too!

Fairtrade Fortnight, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 14th Feb 2022 @ 8:36pm

Fairtrade fortnight this year begins at half term, 21st February 2022 and finishes the first week back. On Wednesday, in assembly, Mrs Henshall will be talking to the children about Fairtrade and what this means. 

Poster Competition, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 14th Feb 2022 @ 8:32pm

We launched a poster competition last week during Children's Mental Health Week and we have had some great entries for our poster competition so far. The children can use any means to design a poster that shares some of what we learned last week around how to care for our mental health and wellbeing. The prize is a £10 Amazon gift voucher and the winning poster will be chosen and announced on Thursday 17th February by Sara Leopold, our family liaison officer and ELSA. 
Please support your child to create their entry and send it in to school by hand or email if an online poster. If you have any questions please email Mrs Henshall at senco@alsagerhighfields.cheshire.sch.uk

Safer Internet Day, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 8th Feb 2022 @ 8:51am

Today is Safer Internet Day and the National Online Safety team have created these free short videos for parents to support you to keep your children safe online. There is also a free parent app with a wealth of information updated regularly to support and inform you about online safety. 



Parent Anxiety Pack, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 8th Feb 2022 @ 8:37am

This parent pack has been created to support families to support their children’s mental health during children’s mental health week 

Crumbles, by Mrs Harry

Date: 7th Feb 2022 @ 8:00pm

Mrs Dyde's class have today programmed the crumbles.  These are small cicuit boards that can be controlled by using a computer.  The boards are designed so that you can connect switches, LED's, motors and more sophisticated devices using crocodile clips.  The children had an amazing afternoon.  Take a look at the videos.

crumb1.JPGcrumb 2.JPG

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 5th Feb 2022 @ 5:11pm

Each year we celebrate children’s mental health week and the theme for Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 is “Growing Together”, with assemblies, classroom discussions and activities throughout the week 

Taking place on February 7 to 13 and run by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the week-long event will encourage pupils to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow.

NHS figures show that around five children in every classroom have a mental health problem. Many more struggle with challenges such as bullying or bereavement.

On Friday all children and staff will come to school in their own colourful clothes to celebrate the end of our week - there is no donation required for this. 

Non-Uniform Day, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 31st Jan 2022 @ 2:42pm

We are holding a non-uniform day tomorrow (Tuesday) in preparation for Two's Day!

AMAT Parent & Community Consultation, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 24th Jan 2022 @ 1:54pm

Dear AMAT Pupil / Parent or Carer and Community Stakeholder 

For the last 18 months, Trustees from AMAT and Mr Middlebrook have been working closely with representatives from Brine MAT with regards to a possible ‘merger’ of the two organisations. 

Brine MAT, consisting of Brine Leas and Audlem St James Primary schools is very similar to AMAT and there is considerable synergy between the two Trusts. By becoming one organisation, it will mean we will remain as a local Trust with much more capacity and expertise to support our young people, create opportunities for staff and raise standards at all five schools even further. 

At a meeting on 8/12/21, after a thorough and robust due diligence process, AMAT Trustees voted to proceed to the next stage of this potential merger. That next stage involves informing, and if necessary consulting with, all key stakeholders; staff, parents, pupils, local governing bodies, trade unions and the community. To help with this process, we have attached a list of FAQ’s about Academy transfers and mergers. 

The key points for your information are; as AMAT is the more ‘mature’ Trust, we will be using it as the ‘the shell’ or ‘transferee’ which Brine MAT will join as the ‘transferor’. If the merger goes ahead, the merged Trust will be called ‘The 3 Shires Trust’ but it is in effect, the same company as now. Similarly, the scheme of delegation will remain as it is now under AMAT, namely while Mr Middlebrook and the Trustees have overall responsibility, the leadership and management of each school will be delegated to the Headteachers and local governing bodies at each school. For example, the names, individuality and uniform for the individual schools will be unaffected by this and will remain a decision for the individual Headteachers and local governing bodies. 

The window for this information sharing period will run from 24/1/22 to 28/2/22. This will be the opportunity to ask any questions about this proposed merger and make any representations which the Trustees would consider before their final vote on whether to proceed on 23/3/22. You can email questions or make any representations on this planned transfer using the address Clerk@AlsagerMAT.org Similarly, if you would like to express an interest in being considered for a position on the Board for the merged 3 Shires Trust, please use the same e mail address and briefly outline your relevant skills and experience. 

In addition, we will be holding an optional socially distanced face to face Q&A session in the Hollinshead Hall at Alsager School starting at 5:00pm on 25/1/22. Please understand that attending this event is not in any way compulsory, as all your questions may be answered by the attached. 

1-Minute Maths app - Maths fluency, by Mrs Muddy

Date: 20th Jan 2022 @ 10:23pm

Help to develop children's maths fluency

Make sure to download the White Rose 1-Minute Maths app! The children will be using this app in school and it is currently FREE and available for both Apple and android phones. https://fb.watch/aFyLjVSMhi/


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