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We are very excited to be attending Young Voices at Birmingham Resorts World Arena on Monday 20th January. The day promises to be a great experience for the 33 children that we are taking. We will leave school at 11am, rehearse with a band and 6000 other children all afternoon and then perform infront of a large audience in the evening. We return to school at about 10.30pm so look out for some bleary eyed children and teachers on Tuesday 21st! Photos of out fabulous day out to follow!


At Alsager Highfields we are very proud that we give our children regular opportunities to experience and enjoy music.

At the end of October 2019 we were awarded an Music mark in recognition of the curriculum we devliver and the extra opportunities that the children are provided with at our school. We are extremely excited to have received this mark and will continue to enthuse the children in this important and creative subject in our curriculum.

In addition to our weekly Charanga music sessions, here are some of the other music opportunities that the children receive at Highfields.


Autumn 2019

African Drumming at the One World Festival

Recorder group

Drumming Group

Learning songs for Sing Fest 

Visiting Alsager High School to work with Mrs Swan from 'Love Music Trust'

Young Voices Choir

Disney Choir

Woodwind Lessons

Brass Lessons





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