Playground Friends

What is a playground Friend?

Playground Friends are children who support other children on the playground, or on the field, to play games, resolve conflict peacefully and develop friendship skills.
Playground Friends are:

    •    able to teach and play appropriate games;
    •    able to mediate and solve problems;
    •    trained and continuously supported by a named adult - Mrs Henshall                                                          

Aims of the Playground Friends Programme

Although the Playground Friends programme helps individual children to develop skills, it is also a whole-school approach which aims to:
    •    improve behaviour on the playground;
    •    provide a safe and supportive environment for all children to use and practise social skills;
    •    develop friendships amongst pupils;
    •    help children learn from peers and problem solve together;
    •    facilitate the learning of transferable skills through good peer role models;
    •    teach pupils appropriate playground games.
Our playground friends also read with our children in reception and year 1 during the week, the relationships that develop between some of our youngest and some of our oldest children are magical. Children learn to care for and look out for each other throughout our school. 


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