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Everyone at Alsager Highfields wants to foster and enhance our pupils’ attitude towards reading for pleasure. We have Accelerated Reader in school for the children to move on to once they have progressed through our new Read Write Inc. book levels, or for the children in Y2 and above, reading confidently at level 23/24 on our Book Banded levels. AR helps motivate children to read and understand what they read independently. Many children can read the words but they are not able to recall or comprehend what they have read. This system will help with all of these skills and will enable them to choose books that are a suitable level for them to read independently.

For additional information on how the Accelerated Reader works, there is a leaflet that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

If you have a book from home or the local library that you would like to read and then test on in school, then please use the link below to see if it has an AR test available:

Type in the title of your book, e.g. ‘Matilda’ and press search.  If there is an AR comprehension test, you will see a picture of the front cover of the book and the relevent information beside it. The BL (Book Level) number indicates if the book is within the ZPD book levels that your child should be selecting books from.

'Matilda' by Roald Dahl is ZPD 5.0, so for someone who has a range of 4.1 – 6.0, this book would be at their appropriate reading level.

Not all books that are read at home need to be AR books, but these are the only books that you can complete a AR comprehension check on once you have read it independently. Sharing any books together is a fantastic thing to do and we will always continue to read quality books of all levels and subjects together, and we hope that you will continue to do the same with your child at home.


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