School Uniform


Uniform Policy

At Alsager Highfields Foundation Primary school pupils wear their uniform with pride. Our uniform shows that we are part of the Highfields community. We have the highest expectations for our pupils with regards to school uniform and appearance, and strongly believe that our high standards promote positive behaviour, support effective teaching and learning and contribute to the ethos of the school.


School Uniform Details

We have a school uniform and we encourage all our children to wear their uniform smartly. All items of uniform must be labelled. It consists of the following:

  • White polo shirt with the school logo.
  • Bottle green jumper / cardigan with the school logo.
  • Charcoal /grey trousers /skirt with grey tights. Grey shorts for the summer term
  • Grey /white socks.
  • A green headband / green Alice band
  • Green and white checked dress with white socks for summer term if desired.
  • Sensible black leather school shoes, NOT boots, shoes with heels or trainers


PE and Games Kit

Pupils need an appropriately labelled PE kit consisting of the following:

  • Trainers
  • Grey /white or black socks.
  • House colour T-shirt  with the school logo.
  • Green shorts
  • Green tracksuit with the school logo for outdoor games in cold weather

Children will come to school dressed in PE kits on their PE days. This change has been implemented since the pandemic as it means pupils get much longer active PE sessions, pupils are far less likely to lose items and pupils don't need to worry about privacy when getting changed.


Uniform Suppliers


Smart Choice Uniforms

63 Crewe Rd




United Kingdom

Tel: 01270 747170





Cockayne House

Love Lane


CW11 2TS

Tel: 01477 500504



General Notes on Appearance

Shirts should be tucked in at all times.


Jewellery should not be worn or brought into school.

If children have pierced ears, ONE pair of discreet studs may be worn. Our PE policy states that earrings must be removed for PE lessons for health and safety reasons. If your child is unable to remove the earrings themselves they should not come to school with them in on PE days or come to school with plasters that the child can use to cover their earrings.


No hair dye.

The style should be appropriate for school, hair should not obstruct pupils vision.

Pupils with long hair must be tied back for health and safety reasons.

Boy’s hair should be no shorter than Grade 2.

Tramlines, patterns and sculpting are not allowed.

Pupils must not wear:

Trainers are NOT allowed to be worn at any time other than for PE lessons, break/lunchtimes and clubs.

Make up and nail varnish and glue on nails should NOT be worn to school.

Non-compliance with the uniform and appearance policy:

Parents of pupils who do not wear the correct uniform, will be contacted by letter and requested to send their child in correct uniform the following day.

Pupils who wear make-up/nail varnish or excess jewellery will be required to remove these.

Persistent and defiant non-compliance with the policy will result in the parent(s) being asked to come into school to meet with the Headteacher.


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