School Ethos and Values


Governors and staff at Alsager Highfields will do everything possible:

  • to provide children with a caring and stimulating educational experience which will enable them to realise their full intellectual  and personal potential. 

  • to welcome and encourage a partnership between children, parents and staff that will develop qualities such as enthusiasm, self-motivation, empathy, determination, independence, self-discipline, self-evaluation and self-confidence.

Long Term School Aims

1.   To realise the full academic, personal and social potential of each child.

2.  To provide a secure, stimulating and caring school in which children and adults develop positive relationships that promote interest, motivation and excellence.

3.  To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is appropriate to the intellectual, emotional and physical development of individual children and which has the qualities of differentiation, continuity and progression.

4.  To plan corporately, building systematically on children's experiences, providing for the development of knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes within the National Curriculum requirements and beyond.

5.  To welcome and encourage the interest and participation of parents, governors and other members of the community in all aspects of school life.

6.  To develop children's independence through provision of a range of opportunities to expand personal interest, experience, social and cultural awareness within school and the wider community.

7.  To provide a learning environment where children's work is displayed sensitively in an atmosphere where it is safe to be wrong, where confidence can grow and success be experienced and celebrated.

8.  To nurture the personal, spiritual, social and moral development of children and help them realise the need to relate to other people constructively with both respect and sympathy.

9.  To ensure equality of opportunity for all, in terms of gender, race, culture, religion, academic ability or disability.

10. To adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement in every aspect of the school's work and life.

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