Junior Safeguarding Team

Alsager Highfields' Junior Safeguarding Team

I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.” - Greta Thunberg


Who are we?

We are a group of children from Year 2 to 6 who work together to help our school to be safe for all of us, children, teachers and visitors. We are supported by Mrs Henshall (Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead). We have voted for and elected our Junior Safeguarding Team for this year and they are all very excited to meet and formulate our action plan for the term ahead.

The Aims of our Safeguarding Council

  • To make our school as safe as it can be.
  • For all children and adults to feel happy, safe and included.

Our Role

  •  We will listen to the ideas, opinions and suggestions of our class.
  • We will review and contribute to school policies.
  • We will help to make our school rules, ensuring everyone stays safe.
  • We will discuss our learning and how it could be made even better.
  • We will share our views with Staff, Governors and Parents.
  • We will work closely with our School Council and Ethos Groups.
  • To make sure visitors are safe in our school.
  • To monitor safety in and out of school as well as online.

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