Junior Safeguarding Team

Alsager Highfields' Junior Safeguarding Team

I have learned you are never too small to make a difference.” - Greta Thunberg


Who are we?

We are a group of children from Year 2 to 6 who work together to help our school to be safe for all of us, children, teachers and visitors. We are supported by Mrs Harrison (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead). We have voted for and elected our Junior Safeguarding Team for this year and they are all very excited to meet and formulate our action plan for the term ahead.

The Aims of our Safeguarding Council

  • To make our school as safe as it can be.
  • For all children and adults to feel happy, safe and included.

Our Role

  • We will help to make sure the children at our school know how to keep themselves safe through half-termly assemblies;
  • We will listen to the ideas, opinions and suggestions of our class;
  • We will review and contribute to school policies;
  • We will help to make our school rules, ensuring everyone stays safe;
  • We will discuss our learning and how it could be made even better;
  • We will share our views with Staff, Governors and Parents;
  • We will work closely with our School Council and Ethos Groups;
  • To make sure visitors are safe in our school;
  • To monitor safety in and out of school as well as online.


Safeguarding Team News


February 2024

Our KS2 ambassadors have shared an assembly based on road safety, making sure children know how to keep themselves and others safe. They spoke with confidence and clarity, and even shared a quiz at the end of the session.

December 2023

Our Y5 and 6 ambassadors spent an afternoon creating a child-friendly safeguarding policy and safeguarding posters for the classrooms and communal areas. We want to ensure that every child is confident that they know how to keep themselves safe and who our safeguarding leads are.

November 2023

To mark Anti-Bullying week, we held our second assembly to share the message: make some noise about bullying. We pledged as a school that 'Bullying is not welcome here', making sure that all of our children know what bullying is and what to do if they were to see it happening. We linked this to our No Outsiders work, remembering that it is not ok to be a bystander and just let things happen.

3rd October 2023

Today we led our first safeguarding assembly, focusing on Operation Encompass. We shared this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xENut_nvZk and talked about what happens if there is a domestic abuse incident in the home and the police are called. We also reminded everyone what safeguarding is, who is responsible for safguarding in our school (everyone, but Mrs Dyde, Mrs Woollam, Mrs Riley, Mrs Millichap, Mrs Ryde and Mrs Harrison lead this area) and what we should do if we ever feel unsafe.



18th November 2022

Our Junior Safeguarding Team met with Mrs Henshall recently to discuss and update on the developments throughout the school. 
The key points discussed were;
Road Safety Competition poster was extended until this Monday as Oli had been delayed coming into school, this was shared with the children in class. 
Oli Branfield PCSO for Alsager is coming into school on Monday to judge the Road Safety poster competition. He will meet with the team and discuss his role in Alsager. 
Anti-bullying week review - we discussed what we had all learned about this week and how we will move forward with our anti-bullying work across the school
The SG team will complete a perimeter safety walk with Mr Preston, our site supervisor next week to develop their understanding of his role in keeping the site safe
The Y5 and Y6 representatives have been invited to the Junior Safeguarding conference in March at the High School, where 7 local schools get together and discuss and develop their safeguarding work across their schools. 

22nd November 2022
PCSO, Oli, came in to school to meet with our Junior Safeguarding Team. The children explained their roles to him and he shared his with them. They asked him lots of fantastic questions about how to become a police officer, what subjects you need to study and focus on and they asked where do the police dogs sleep at night? They live with their officers which the children thought was amazing. Oli then judged the Road Safety poster competition that we launched a few weeks ago. The children shared their thoughts about the posters and Oli made the final selection. The children worked brilliantly with Oli, they listened respectfully and asked really interesting questions. 
The winners of the competition were;
Ben in year 4 with first place who wins a £10 book token
Grace in year 3 with second place who wins a £5 book token. 
Mrs Woollam will present the book tokens on Friday in our celebration assembly. Well done to everyone who took part, the entries were all brilliant, Oli said it was a real challenge to choose the winners! 

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