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Contact Hub in Cheshire East has launched

We’ve made it easier for families and health professionals to contact local children and family health services
in Cheshire East, including Infant FeedingHealth VisitingSchool NursingImmunisations and Family Nurse Partnership (FNP).

The Contact Hub, from the 0-19+ Service, provides a single point of access for families and health and
care professionals across Cheshire East.

It is a centralised contact centre and digital one stop shop for all things 0-19+. The single point of
access model enables families and health professionals to be directed to the right service at the right time,
with service users only telling their story once which reduces stress and anxiety for many people.

It offers a person centred approach and is staffed by clinical and non-clinical staff who triage and respond to
calls from parents, carers, young people and health and care professionals across Cheshire East.

Staff provide a range of support, as well as signposting and following up families depending on their need.

The Contact Hub is the first point of contact for both service users and health and care professionals.

It is structured around the following:

The specialist team is on hand Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 4.30pm.

How to access the Contact Hub

As a health and care professional you can refer a family or young person to any of the
0-19+ Services - Infant Feeding (Cherubs)Health VisitingSchool NursingImmunisations Administrative Team,
and Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) - by completing the easy to use online referral form. The referral will be
processed by a member of the team.

Contacting the team is easy:

For more information visit the dedicated Contact Hub section on our website.

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