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With home learning possibly set to continue for some time this page has been set up to guide you to new activities, ideas or links for Maths activities which can take place in the home environment. One thing to remember is that if your child doesn't want to try out an activity, but is enjoying another then go with it. Give them time to be creative, or pursue an activity that they enjoy; the ideas are only guidance for you all. Enjoy drawing maths pictures; count objects of a certain shape or size around the house or outside; find shapes or numbers in the garden; bake if you want to; create an obstacle course and time each other; play card games; all of these activities can involve maths.

Below there are a range of links, some of which you may have already been signposted to, but feel free to use them as you see fit - those which your child(ren) readily turn to.

Most of all stay safe and enjoy time together.



What's your Rock Star Status? Are you a Wannabe? Or maybe a Garage Rocker?  Or do you want to head for the dizzy heights of being a 'Headliner'? From there it is only a few short steps to becoming a Rock Star, Rock Legend and ultimately a Rock Hero? Can you answer your timestables in under a second?


Home learning with White Rose Maths provides every parent and child with a series of 5 lessons, one for each day of the week. Each lesson has its' own video and accompanying worksheet. You don't have to print the worksheets, you can just bring them up on screen if you want to, answer the questions on any piece of paper and then best of all, look at the answers together, or the children can self mark them.

Lessons are provided from Early Years all the way through to Year 8. Best of all, the Early Year Maths consist of activities you can do together based on children's favourite books which they may have read with you at home or in school, meaning you can enjoy the activities together.


Continue the learning journey at home using mymaths. It is a programme which we use in school so many children will be familiar with it. Although there may not be specific work set, children can log on and search for any area of work they wish from addition and subtraction, to fractions, decimals and percentages, to algebra and ratio ( for those brave enough to tackle it) to shape and measures.

Each time children log on they will be able to access an interactive lesson, with exmaples and questions which they can answer along the way, and then a homework sheet which they can then try for themselves. Best of all, their work is marked along the way.



Corbettmaths is probably relatively new to the children and aimed more for KS2. The website presents a '5-a-day' which does exactly what it says, giving children 5 different questions to try and at different levels. And there are answers too. There are also videos and worksheets on every area of maths; the video being a home tutorial and the sheets follow on - best of all there are answers provided again. 

This website is provides activities posted on a daily basis, reflecting different ideas in maths through videos, questions and activities which the children can all engage in. Some of the questions and approaches may seem familiar to the children as this is one of the educational resources we use in school. 

At the top of the page, under the tab of 'Free Resources' there are lots provided for Early Years, including ideas for building on and developing Early Number Sense, Times tables activities and further games and resources all of which are free. For those who want to continue to build their maths reasoning there is also the '3-Act-Tasks'. Have a go and see what you can find out.






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