First Day

Date: 5th Sep 2017 @ 9:48pm

WOW! What a brilliant day we all had. 

The behaviour of the children was excellent, and I am looking forward to this year even more than I was before. 

We got to know each other a little better before by filling out a "Get to Know You Bingo" game. The children had to go around the class and find children to answer each question. They had to find a friend who had a pet hamster, a friend who was born in a different area of the country, a friend who knew the capital of France, and many more. I must admit that I wasn't very good at the game, but the children did brilliantly. 

We then went into assembly, where the entire class made me proud with how they lined up and sat in the assembly. 

After playtime, we did maths. I introduced the chlildren to Year 4 Place Value. The knowledge of the children impressed me, and I was also impressed with how they all attempted a very tricky maths question at the end of the lesson. Have a look and see if you can work it out!

I am looking forward to going into school tomorrow and being impressed by the class all over again :-)

Mr Golds

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