Year 5 2021 - 2022

Miss Crowther-Green

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Welcome to Year 5!

New Update

For the next couple of weeks, whilst there is the change over of staff, please use Mrs Dyde's class page to find homework for Y5. If you scroll down their class page you will see a 'Homework Pencil' - follow this to the homework brainbuilder, which you will find at the bottom of the page - useful for the majority of the class. Please take careful note on the first page as Y6 is also on there, however this is where you will find spellings for the majority of the class, pages to be completed in the Grammar book and homework tasks sets on either mymaths or purplemash - along with tables to learn.

Thank you.

Also if you are currently self-isolating at home due to Covid, but feel well enough, please find the Remote Learning tasks on Mrs Dyde's class page. There are many activities you could complete. If this is not activated, please do contact us at school.


Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to Year 5! 

This year, we have some fantastic activities planned. You can discover what we are learning each week, right here on our class page. Additionally, you can access our Yearly Overview Curriculum Planner by following the links below to see all of the exciting topics that we will be covering.

Our class page will also have lots of other useful information and links to follow so please make use of them.

Curriculum Overview

As we enter Year 5 in full swing, we will be following themes from our Class Book Roof Toppers, by Katherine Rundell. 

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Read the blurb below to discover more...

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Roof Toppers is an exciting, page-turning book that I am very much looking forward to reading and sharing with you. 

We will be using our class story to enhance and support our writing this term.

In Science, we will be looking at Earth and Space, including the movement of planets and other exciting facts. Our RE topic this term focuses on Hinduism, followed by Christianity. 

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As we move between our topics, in History we will be delving into The Ancient Egyptians (I am extremely excited as this topic is a personal favourite of mine), discovering mummification methods, rituals, how they lived and much, much more.

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When we approach our Geography topic, we will be using our map reading knowledge to learn about different locations and identify a variety of both physical and human characteristics.

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Our History Topic has created fantastic links to Art and DT, as we will be creating our very own Death Masks and get creative with clay. We will also endeavour to focus on some French Artwork, in line with our Class Story Roof Toppers.

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For further information about topics to be covered this year, please find the Autumn Term planner attached.


Our PE lessons this half term will be on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Please make sure you come into school on both of those days in your school PE Kit.

As a reminder for general PE kit:

Suitable footwear (trainers), green shorts or skort (or jogging bottoms when weather permits) all with the school logo, as well as a tshirt in your house team colour. 


During our PPA this year (every Wednesday afternoon) you will have French and Music taught by Mrs Riley.




Homework will be sent home every week on a Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Thursday. Details of the weekly homework can be found on the Brain Builder, which you can find attached to our class page. (Mrs Dyde's page in the interim changeover of staff). Homework will include spellings on Spelling Shed and timestables on Timestables Rockstars, both of which are tested on Friday. Maths is set online using MyMaths or Purple Mash; Grammar skills can be completed in the book sent home. If your child is experiencing difficulty in accessing online homework then please do let me know.


Water Bottles

Staying hydrated massively helps to maintain concentration levels. So, please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. At the end of each day, please take your bottle home and wash and refill it for the next day.

Reading Record Diaries

Reading is a wonderful activity that helps to increase your vocabulary, which will support you across all aspects of school. Additionally, it will help to expand your horizons and improve your learning so please aim to read at least four times a week at home.  As you make your way through Year 5, we would like you to gain more independence as you record in your diary what you have read, recording what you have read as well as the page numbers so you don't loose your place. You may also like an adult at home to leave a comment or sign that you have read. If adults at home could sign Reading Diaries weekly, it would be much appreciated.

Please remember to bring your reading records into school every day as I love to discuss what you have read and to give me ideas on what to read next.

Our Weekly Learning Journal

WB: 22nd November 2021

English - This week we will be exploring a button and, by using a list of questions, create a character from the button. Who does the button belong to and where was it last seen?

Maths - We will continue to use Maths No Problem; this week we will continue with multiplication which includes using formal methods for both short and long multiplication, multiplying by a single digit and then multiplying by a 2 digit number. This will also include reviewing our times tables.

Science - We continue our new topic on Forces this week. We will be exploring the difference between weight and mass and looking at the discovery of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton.

History -  Following on with our work Ancient Egyptians, we will explore different sources of information which led Historians to build a detailed profile and picture of the boy King, Tutankhamun.

Art - Our Art sessions will continue to focus on building our multi-media picture of the River Nile and painting our design for a sarcophagus.

RE - This week we being our topic on Christianity. We begin by looking at the Christian concept of Incarnation.

ICT - We will continue working through Coding on Purple Mash.

French - This term Mrs Riley will be teaching us French and Music.

PE - This week we will have PE on a Tuesday and Friday so remember your PE kits and please make sure they are suitable for the days weather. (Further information regarding PE kits can be found above).

Reading - Each day we will be reading during our Guided Reading sessions. We will start our group novels, which will follow with comprehension questions the following day.

Let's see if we can create any Word Millionaires with our reading!


Dates for your Diary/ Information

Please ensure that homework is being completed on Spelling Shed and My Maths.

Times Tables Rock Star is also a fantastic way to practice times tables, ready for our weekly Friday tests. 

If there are any problems with logging on, please don't hesitate to let me know.


If you require any further information about or have any questions, please  let me know. I can be contacted through the school office using the email address or phone number below:

01270 882472









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