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Welcome back to our Summer Term.

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and I am so much looking forward to seeing everyone again. This term we continue with many different and exciting learning opportunities and move onto different topics in our learning - hopefully something for everyone. This page will continue to keep you well informed of our plans not only for the current term, as you will see in our Summer Term Curriculum Planner which is now available, but also keep you up-to-date with our weekly adventures. You will also be able to see how our learning fits in with the yearly overview. Of course for Year 6 the aim is to continue to make it as memorable as possible as we immerse ourselves in their final term, making many lasting memories.


Our class curriculum - Below, or by clicking on the links, you will be able to see our Annual Curriculum Plan which will highlight for you our learning intentions across the year. You will now also see our Summer Term Planner which will give you much more information on the range of exciting learning activities we have planned across all areas of the curriculum.

English - What is planned?                      

We will be completing our reading of Kensuke's Kingdom. Having now reached the point where Michael has been washed ashore on a seemingly deserted island, we continue to find out what mysteries the island holds and what adventures lie in wait for him and his dog, Stella. 

                               kensukes kingdom.jpg              KK 1.jpg               Cave.jpg

One morning when he wakes there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit and a bowl of fresh water. He is not alone...   He realises that there is someone close by, someone who is watching over him and helping him to stay alive. Following a close run battle between life and death after being stung by a poisonous jelly fish, the mysterious someone allows Michael into his world.


What else is there?

As before we will be linking our English and some Art and Geography to our class books - Kensuke's Kingdom and also The Paperbag Prince. After completing our journey around the world in Geography we will be investigating trade and links between countries, exploring where our products come from, imports and exports  and the chocolate supply train (an area which will surely interest everyone). We will also explore the idea of Fair Trade. 

In History we truly become historical researchers as we investigate famous people from our local area, judging their significance in history. This will include Clarice Cliff, Reginald Mitchell, Josiah Wedgwood, Arnold Bennett, and even Robbie Williams, to name but a few. We will explore the Blue Plaque scheme and, after research, which will involve us becoming film buffs, put forward the case for chosen individuals to receive a blue plaque.


                               Clarice Cliff Pottery.JPG              spitfire.jpg           Wedgwood.jpg


Our Art and Design will also link closely to our English and Topics, where we will be aiming to create a print of the 'The Wave' inspired by the Japanese artist Hokusai, as well as creating paintings of blossom trees.  We will use Clarice Cliff as inspiration to design our own plates, and use Michael's experience on Kensuke's Kingdom to design and build a model shelter. 

                             The Wave.jpg                            R(1).jpg                              Clarice plate.jpg


Keeping you up to date with our Weekly Learning Journey:

Learning journey.jpg

Week Beginning 16th May 2022


English - This week we begin by reading about the encounter between Michael and kensuke. Using knowledge of the story and notes made, we will then begin our own recount of this section. We will look to be using many skills within our writing, as well as using speech.

Guided reading will re-start  in small groups within the class. In the meantime the children have been having Guided Reading as a whole class, examining different texts together. Through this we are exploring all the different reading skills, answering a range of questions to build on their understanding and comprehension. The children still have the opportunity to read at least three times a week in class, having ERIC - Enjoyable Reading in Class. 

Maths -   We will continue to work hard to improve our fluency in our arithmetic skills each day. 

In Y5, using MNP, we will continue to explore converting different measurements.

In Y6, we will be using MNP to explore the topic of algebra.

Science -  This week we continue our topic on Properties of Materials and explore the perfect mixture needed to make sandcastles, or moulds, using our knowledge of how the sand particles combine with water. 

ICT - We will explore coding and now apply this skill to a text-based adventure, manipulating figures and actions to depict a story.

RE - Having looked at the Hinuda belief of Karma, we will complete our game of snakes and ladders which represents the different choices we can make in life. We will then  explore, through writing or drawing our understanding of the Hindu belief of Samsara - the belief of life after death, making comparisons to the beliefs of Christians.

History-  We will review the criteria for who should be awarded a blue plaque, printing our research on people in Stoke-on-Trent. We will then turn our attention to Clarice Cliff. Does she deserve a blue plaque? How could we find out? What evidence would we look for?

Geography - We will be completing our exploration of Australasia, finding different capital cities and recognising the different environments that exist across this continent.

French  - We continue to explore the French Food, this time turning our attention to favourite breakfast foods. 

PE-  Our PE this term continues to be on Tuesday and Thursday. We will look at both the individual and different skills used for different sports. This term focuses on fielding games, cricket and rounders, net games including tennis and athletics.  As a reminder there are some children who go swimming on a Tuesday. Please don't forget your swimming kits.


Reading Record Diaries

We now have two reading millionaires. Congratulations now go to Theo as well as Harry.  Keep going as I know many of you are really close now to achieving this amazing milestone.

Please continue to encourage your child to read at home at least 4 times a week. In Year 5 and Year 6 we encourage the children to be more independent and record their own reading in their reading diaries, however we would like you to sign or comment in your child's diary at the end of the week so we know that this is happening -  this is greatly appreciated. Reading diaries will be checked weekly when your child has their Guided Reading Session. Reading so often, every day, should enable your child to take a book quiz within two weeks - sometimes perhaps three. 


This will be sent home every week on a Friday but is expected to be completed by the following Thursday. It can be found outlined on our Brain Builder and will be added to our class page weekly. It will consist of spellings and times tables, both of which will be tested on Friday. Maths is set online using MyMaths or Purple Mash; Grammar skills can be completed in the book sent home or on sheets sent home that week and can also be checked and marked at home.  If your child is finding it difficult to complete the homework or experiencing difficulty in accessing online homework then please do let me know. 

Please see the file uploaded below for your homework : 13.5.22


PE and PPA

This term we now have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday so please remember to come to school in your correct PE kit. Our PE kit has recently changed and now consists of a t-shirt in the house colour along with the school logo, green shorts or skort and black trainers; if it is cold, green joggers are allowed. During PPA the children will also be having ICT.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. The children should bring in sufficient water to ensure that they have access to refreshment during the day which keeps them hydrated, especially as the weather changes and shows signs of becoming warmer.


Please make sure your child only brings in what is necessary for school. The children no longer require pencil cases as equipment will be provided for them in class. They will need to bring in their reading diary and reading book daily; lunch boxes if required and water bottles. All of these will be returned home each day and where possible should be cleaned before coming back to school the following day.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I can be contacted through the school office using the email address below or by phone. I will then endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

Meanwhile please do make use of the website links and other information below.

Dates for your diary

Liverpool Residential - a short meeting for everyone, children as well as adults are welcome - 6pm on Monday in the hall.

Liverpool Residential 25th-27th May.





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