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              Welcome to our Year 5 class page.

Hello everyone and welcome to our class page. We have had a fantastic first half term and I am looking forward to working with you all and teaching your children during the remainder of the year ahead. It is an exciting time undertaking your learning journey in Year 5 - we build on the learning from Year 4 and move on into Upper Key Stage 2. The expectations for the End of Year 5 can be seen below.

There are many different and varied learning opportunities and topics which are planned for during Year 5, hopefully something for everyone, and on this page you will find an overview of the year, seen on the Annual Curriculum Plan below. You will also find weekly updates indicating plans for the week and homework set. There will also be notices posted on our class page when appropriate. Our weekly class curriculum can be accessed below.

As a reminder our school day now begins at 8:45am and finishes at 3:15pm.


Our class book this term is The Explorer by Katherine Rundell 

"Like a man-made magic wish, the aeroplane rose into the sky. It did not stay there for long."                 

The Explorer is an exciting adventure story about a group of four children who, when their plane crashes, find themselves stranded in the Amazon jungle. Now they have to survive alone. But was someone there before them? It is a roaring, thrillling adventure, filled with wonder and peril and bravery - a gripping story of survival and the tenacity of the human spirit. 



During the term we will also be exploring a book called 'Survivors'. Following the theme of adventure, we will be dipping into different stories of survival. Stories which are from around the world, but stories that show how each and every person involved have fought for their lives against the elements - and lived to tell the tale. In English, we will be using these stories as inspiration to write our own adventure story.





Keeping you up to date with our Weekly Learning Journey

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Week Beginning 4th December 2023


English - We continue reading our class book, The Explorer every day and are enjoying the many adventures the four children have. We now turn our attention to writing a persuasive letter. Whilst our book centres around the chidlren's adventures in the Amazon rainforest, we are also researching and learning about deforestation in Geography, therefore we are now linking the two together and writing a persuasive letter encouraging the Brazilian government to put into place measures to reduce deforestation.

Guided reading continues in small groups this group where we will explore and develop different reading skills, answering a range of questions. The children, when not in Guided reading, will have the opportunity to read during the morning having ERIC - Enjoyable Reading in Class. 


Maths -   Each day, our Maths lessons begin with a focus on improving our fluency in arithmetic and times tables knowledge.  

As we continue our journey using MNP in Year 5 we move on to dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and exploring both short and long division methods.

Science -  This week in our topic of Properties of Materials we will be exploring processes which result in a chemical reaction and a new substance being made.

Geography-   In our topic on rainforests and 'Why they are important?' we continue by exploring what deforestation is, the impact and what can be done about it.

DT-  DT is being led by Mrs Hancock this half term and our focus will be on chocolate. We will be exploring the origins of chocolate, tasting chocolate, designing our own chocolate bar, our own name, our own wrapper and advertising. We will be linking this topic to that of our Mayas and enjoy a visit to Cadburys World.

Music -  This week we continue our new topic on Classroom Jazz, in particular with a focus on the Five Note Swing by Ian Gray. We will be learning to play this on the glockenspiel.

ICT -   We will be looking into IT and video. What is video? What are the techniques used when producing a video? We may even be videoing ourselves making our own samples of chocolate.

RE -    This week we will turn our attention towards Christmas and the Christmas Story. We will be investigating how different gosepls have told and recorded the account of Christmas and what Christmas means to Christians. 

French -   This half term we explore time spent in the city and shopping - with a festive twist later.

PE-  This half term, PE will be on a Tuesday and a Friday. We willl be looking at the skills required in invasion games this term; developing both our skills as an individual and how we can contribute as a team player in hockey ad tag rugby.

The children are also freely welcome to join in with a running club which is taking place on a Friday lunchtime with Mrs Harry and Miss Baggaley.


Please do continue to encourage your child to read and record their home reading. There is an expectation that the children will read at least 4 times a week at home. In Year 5 we encourage the children to be more independent and record their own reading in their reading diaries wherever possible, however we would like you to sign your child's diary at the end of the week so that you and we know that this is happening -  this is greatly appreciated.

Reading diaries will be checked daily and signed weekly when your child has their Guided Reading Session. Reading so often, every day, both at home and at school, should enable your child to take a book quiz within two weeks - sometimes perhaps three. We will continue to encourage the children to ensure that they can take the appropriate number of quizzes. Last year I know so many achieved word millionaire - I am sure that this is something that they can strive towards achieving again this year.



Please click on the pencil to check the homework expectations for 1.12.2023


This will usually be sent home every week on a Friday but is expected to be completed by the following Thursday. It can be found outlined on our Brain Builder (clicking on the pencil above) which will be added to our class page weekly. It will consist of spellings and times tables to focus on; Maths, which may be set online using MyMaths or provided on sheets; and Grammar skills which can be completed in the book sent home or again on sheets sent that week - these can also be checked and marked at home. If your child is finding it difficult to complete the homework or experiencing difficulty in accessing online homework then please do let me know. 


PE and PPA

This half term we will have PE on Tuesday and Friday so please remember to come to school in correct PE kit. A reminder that our PE kit consists of a coloured t-shirt along with the school logo, shorts and black trainers; if it is cold, joggers are allowed.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. The children should bring in sufficient water to ensure that they have access to refreshment during the day which keeps them hydrated. 


Please also make sure your child brings in what is necessary for school which includes their reading diary and reading book daily; lunch boxes if required and water bottles. All of these will return home each day.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I can be contacted through the school office using the email address below or by phone. I will then endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

Meanwhile please do make use of the websites listed below.

Dates for your diary

New Vic Theatre Visit 12th December





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