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Welcome back Year 5

Welcome back to our class page where the aim is to keep you informed of all events. Here you will find the overview of the year, seen on the Curriculum Planner, along with updates indicating both plans for the week and homework.

Our class curriculum - This can be accessed below, or by clicking on the link here. You will be able to see our Annual Curriculum Plan which will highlight for you our learning intentions across the year. 


Our class book this term is The Abominables.                    

A hundred years ago in the Himalayan mountains, the daughter of an English explorer is abducted from her mountainside tent by a huge hairy monster - none other than the infamous Yeti. Luckily, the intrepid Lady Agatha takes her kidnapping in her stride, and soon discovers that although he is huge and hairy, the Yeti is not so terrifying after all - he's simply a concerned father who needs help raising his loveable and eccentric family of not-so abominable snowmen.This is a great story that will tug at the heart-strings right till the very last page, and the reader quickly grows as fond of these wonderful Tibetan creatures as Lady Agatha was. Agreed, they are very large and clumsy, and extremely hairy, but make no mistake: in this story it is the humans, not the yetis, who are abominable.

the abominables.jpg


During the term we will also be reading picture books linked to our topics in Science and History.

One of our first picture books is The Darkest Dark, which is an inspiring story about facing your fears and following your dreams. Chris loves rockets and planets and pretending he's a brave astronaut, explores the universe. Only one problem—at night, Chris doesn't feel so brave. He's afraid of the dark. But when he watches the groundbreaking moon landing on TV, he realizes that space is the darkest dark there is—and the dark is beautiful and exciting, especially when you have big dreams to keep you company.



In our other picture book we join Arthur and his quest for the golden rope as we travel back to the land of the Vikings. A place filled with magical objects, powerful gods and legendary beasts to be conquered!  In an exciting battle, it seems as if all is lost, until Arthur proves that even a small boy can be the most unlikely of heroes.

Please do take a look at our curriculum planner to see what else is in store for the term.


Keeping you up to date with our Weekly Learning Journey:

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Week Beginning 30th January 2023


English - This week, as we continue our reading, we are introduced to the Abominables. We will be looking closely at descriptive words and phrases which we can use to build different sentence types and write our own descriptions of the Abominable family, picking our favourite two or three.

Guided reading continues in small groups within the class. Through this we continue to explore and develop different reading skills, answering a range of questions to build on our understanding and comprehension. The children also have the opportunity to read at least four times a week in class, having ERIC - Enjoyable Reading in Class. 

Maths -   Each day, our Maths lessons begin with a focus on improving our fluency in arithmetic and times tables knowledge.  

As we continue our journey using MNP we now turn our attention to fractions, exploring how to compare and order them depending on the given denominator.

Science -  This week we will explore early theories of our solar system and compare the geocentric and heliocentric models.

History-   We begin our investigation into Vikings and explore the reasons why the Vikings chose to leave Scandinavia and what it was about Britain that appealed to the Vikings.

Art-  We will continue our topic on landscapes, we continue to explore different artists and what they take as inspiration from different landscapes. From this we begin our own composition using a variety of painting techniques.

Music -  This half term we are focusing on Pop Ballads and continue exploring and learning the song 'Make you feel my love' by Adele. This week we compare this to another pop ballad sung by Lionel Richie- 'Hello'.

ICT -   This half term we focus on databases. We will be looking at how information can be recorded, sorted, ordered and grouped.

RE -    This half term we will be working with and sharing the skills of the teachers from the High School. We will be exploring Hinduism and the concept of Brahma. This week we will explore different Hindu deities. 

French -   In every lesson we try to use French vocabulary for everyday simple instructions. We begin our topic on Healthy Eating, recalling the names of fruit and vegetables.

PE-  For this half term our PE will be on Thursday and Friday. We will be learning the individual skills required for both dodgeball and basketball and how we can contribute to a team game. 

Reading Record Diaries

Please do continue to encourage your child to read at home at least 4 times a week. In Year 5 we encourage the children to be more independent and record their own reading in their reading diaries wherever possible, however we would like you to sign or comment in your child's diary at the end of the week so we know that this is happening -  this is greatly appreciated. Reading diaries will be checked weekly when your child has their Guided Reading Session. Reading so often, every day, should enable your child to take a book quiz within two weeks - sometimes perhaps three. We will continue to encourage the children to ensure that they can take the appropriate number of quizzes. Last year I know so many achieved word millionaire - I am sure that this is something that they can strive towards achieving again this year.


Click on the pencil to see your homework brain builder for this week. It is also attached below to the class page.


This will be sent home every week on a Friday but is expected to be completed by the following Thursday. It can be found outlined on our Brain Builder which will be added to our class page weekly. It will consist of spellings and times tables to focus on; Maths, which may be set online using MyMaths or provided on sheets; and Grammar skills which can be completed in the book sent home or again on sheets sent that week - these can also be checked and marked at home. If your child is finding it difficult to complete the homework or experiencing difficulty in accessing online homework then please do let me know. 


PE and PPA

This half term we will have PE on Thursday and Friday so please remember to come to school in your correct PE kit. A reminder that our PE kit consists of a t-shirt in their house colour along with the school logo, green shorts or skort and black trainers; if it is cold, joggers are allowed. 

Water bottles

Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. The children should bring in sufficient water to ensure that they have access to refreshment during the day which keeps them hydrated. 


Please make sure your child brings in what is necessary for school which includes their reading diary and reading book daily; lunch boxes if required and water bottles. All of these will return home each day.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of school life, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I can be contacted through the school office using the email address below or by phone. I will then endeavour to reply within 48 hours.

Meanwhile please do make use of the websites listed below.

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