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Take a look at a short video of our last term and our topic of PIRATES ❤️ 
There are also pictures of our trip to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm.

Enjoy ... https://youtu.be/c1myLlM5w6s 


Welcome to a new and exciting term.  I hope that you and your families had a lovely summer and are as excited as I am to be back in school.  

Hopefully this page will keep you well informed of our plans for not only the year, but also the current term and keep you up-to-date with our weekly adventures. 

Our class curriculum - Below, or by clicking on the links, you will be able to see our curriculum plan which will highlight for you our learning intentions across the year. You will also see our Autumn Term Planner which will give you much more information on the range of exciting learning activities we have planned across all areas of the curriculum.

English: What is planned?  

This term, we will be initially be using the book 'I'll Take You To Mrs Cole' by Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman.  We will use this book to recap sentence types, ex[panded noun phrases and word types.    

Mrs Cole.jpg

After that we will move to our topic of The Romans and we will be using the book 'Gods, Emperors & Dormice' by Marcia Williams.  This book is a collection of short stories and they are a nice way of introducing the Roman time period to the children.


Weekly Learning:  13th September


This week we will be recapping the four types of sentences by writing them and punctuating them correctly (statements, commands, questions and exclamations).  We are continuing with the story all about a little boy who doesn't seem to do as he is told.  We will be writing a new story based upon this one, using characters that we are familiar with.  We will also be practising our handwriting ascenders and descenders to join.

I'll Take You to Mrs Cole! - Scholastic Shop


This week we will be counting in 4's and 8's, finding patterns in numbers to add and subtract 100 and we will be using these skills to solve problems.

Kids Math Place Value : Amazon.co.uk: Apps & Games


We will be continuing our new topic of 'Animal including humans'. We will finish our work from last week by identifying that humans cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat by comparing how plants and humans obtain food. We will identify that animals, including humans, need the right types of nutrition by examining food groups and nutrient groups.

Year 3 science - Animals including humans worksheets, powerpoints, planning  and display | Teaching Resources


French will be focusing upon a new start and will be an introduction to simple greetings and getting the children excited about learning a new language.


PE will be on a Monday and Friday afternoons during this part of the term.  Please ensure that during this term the children come to school in their PE kit on these days.  I would suggest they wear their winter PE kit of tracksuit bottoms and black sweatshirt with their PE t-shirt underneath as these sessions will be outside as much as possible.


This week we will be identifying the benefits of living in a diverse and multicultural society. We will also look at the rights of all people to live safe, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives and that it is all of our responsibility to help those rights to be met. 


In Art this week we will be learning how to draw leaves in pencil.   We will be looking at how we can create different patterns using our pencils.

How to Draw a Leaf Step by Step


This week we will be continuing with the topic of 'The Romans'.  We will be discussing and sharing what we already know and then finding out about when and where the Roman Empire began.

Design and Technology (D&T):

We started our learning last week about bread and specifically the history of the Warburton family.  After being excellent product testers last week, we will be looking at what a design process is and what we will need to do to design our own award winning bread product.

Warburtons Bread | The Halal Life


We will continue to learn all about the Hindu festival of Divali.

Diwali: What is it? - CBBC NewsroundComputing:

This week we will be building upon our Year 2 learning of coding.


Spelling/Times Tables/Homework:

Spellings will be set on a Friday and will be tested on a Friday.

Times tables will be set on a Friday and tested on a Friday (your child will know whether they have moved onto a new times table)

Grammar Homework will be set weekly on this page.  Your children will need to hand in their Grammar book each Wednesday for it to be marked and returned for Fridays.


Please read with your child daily as this will have an impact on all areas of their learning.  They have a Reading Diary that you should date and together record their reading in.  You may wish to write a comment but please do not feel that you have to, simply a record of what has been read is really helpful. Each child has received their new Reading Diary and their newly assessed reading level will be inside the front cover by the end of the first complete week in school and this is updated during the first 2 weeks of every half term. Thank you to all of those parents/carers who are writing in them so regularly, it is very much appreciated.

If you wish to pass on a message to myself, please feel free to write it in their Reading Diary but then please ask your child to bring it to me as we do not always check the planners on a daily basis.


As always can we please remind parents that if you wish to provide a break time snack for your child it should be something healthy such as fruit.  There is always fruit available if your child forgets their snack. The children can bring in their own water bottle daily which must only have water (not juice) in. 


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