Sport Relief 2018

Today, the entire of Alsager Highfields took part in The Whatever Moves You campaign for Sport Relief 2018. This is an event to raise awareness for important issues such as preventing the spread of malaria in Africa, to prevent maternal & neonatal deaths in Africa, and to improve understanding of Mental Health issues in the UK. 

Every child from every class took part in this event. The behaviour of every child was perfect (as we would expect from the children at Highfields) and there were lots of smiles. It was great to see some of the Key Stage 2 children helping the Key Stage 1 children around the course. It was also wonderful to see the children encourage each other and to see this event as a school effort. 

Each child tracked their laps around the field, and everybody made a real effort. The school managed to complete a remarkable 2,700 laps of the school field. It takes 325 steps to get around the field. 

This means that that Alsager Highfields contributed a huge 877, 500 steps towards the target of 1 billion steps throughot the whole of Great Britain. 

Thank you to everybody who contributed money towards the charities and to every child who helped raise awareness of these important issues. Thank you to all the staff who helped to make this possible, I know the children really appreciate it. Some photos of this event will follow. 

Mr Golds