Miss Malton's Class 2019 - 2020

Miss Malton



Welcome to the start of a new year and a term! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are ready for all of the exciting new things that we will be doing this Spring term. 

Remember, our class page is here to help you find information on everything we are doing this coming term. You can find the Yearly Curriculum Overview so that you can see all of the things we will be covering during Year 5. During the Spring term we will be working hard on new topics, but we will have just as much fun as we did during the Autumn term.


Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Overview should provide you with all of the information you need to know which fantastic activities we will be doing across all areas of the curriculum. If you have any questions about upcoming activities, please don’t hesitate to ask.


The Ancient Egyptians

During the term we will continue to learn about the Ancient Egyptians, in particular Tutankhamun and how his tomb was discovered.


Local History

After our topic on the Ancient Egyptians, we will move on to learning about our local history. We will learn some amazing facts about the local art, pottery and artefacts that can be found, as well as which famous people once lived on our doorstep.



In English we will be continuing with Romeo and Juliet, creating balanced arguments for our discussion writing.

We will also begin a new story topic where we will be looking at Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We will use this amazing story about a young boy who travels the seas with his parents, but one day finds himself on an island, to create some excellent writing.



During our PE sessions this half term we will be going swimming. Please can you ensure that your child has the appropriate swimming kit every Tuesday and that it has their name clearly written on each item to avoid loss. We will be first for lunch each Tuesday so that we will have plenty of time to arrive for fantastic afternoons of swimming.

As a reminder for general PE kit:

Outdoor Kit:

Trainers, black track suit bottoms with the school logo or black shorts (weather dependent), yellow school t-Shirt and black or green school jumper.

Indoor Kit:

Pumps, black shorts and a yellow school t-Shirt. 



Our Learning Journey


Below you can find information on what we are learning this week:

Week Commencing 20th January 2020



Marking our balanced argument which discusses Friar Lawrence's involvement in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

Planning a new balanced argument: Should children be taken out of school to travel the World?



Multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits.

Multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits.

Multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits.



How we can use different resources and artfacts to discover information about Tutankahmun.



Who the Tri Murti are and their responsibilites.



This week we will start our new science topic on:

Earth and Space.



Continuing with our work on the continents, this week we will discover which countries make up Asia.



How to use spreadsheets to convert measurements.


If you require any further information about or have any questions, please pop in and let me know.



This half term we have Mrs Godley teaching us on a Thursday afternoon where our focus will be French and Music.




Water Bottles

Staying hydrated massively helps to maintain concentration levels. So, please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school every day and that it is clearly identifiable. 



Each week your child will be given three sets of homework; Spellings, Maths and Grammar. Your child should still have their own personal Grammar book and will be expected to look after it. 

Homework will be given out each Friday and is to be returned by the following Friday please. (It can be handed in earlier if your child completes it beforehand.) I understand that there may be occasions where finding time to complete homework is difficult at home, however, there are always opportunities to complete homework in school if necessary. 

It would also be beneficial if your child could read either with you or independently each day at home. Everyone has their own Reading Record Diary to record all of the fantastic books that they are reading.








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